Membership Inquiries

If you would like to become a member of our Parish please contact Father Tsaplan or a member of our Executive Board for details and an application form.

Opportunities for Involvement

The foundation of our Parish is our congregation. We have a community of dedicated members who help keep our Cathedral and Orthodox Centre up and running. There are many opportunities to be involved within the Parish.

  1. Choir
  2. Cantor
  3. Church Elder
  4. Sunday School
  5. Friday Night Suppers
  6. Catering Services

Volunteering within the Parish is a rewarding experience as you not only contribute to the community but you will develop meaningful relationships with other members.

Your time and effort will be appreciated by all.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

Meetings with the Parish Priest

If Parish members or visitors would like to arrange a meeting with te Parish Priest, please approach Father Tsaplan during the fellowship hour following the Divine Liturgy or contact him at 604-876-4747.

Father Roman will be pleased to meet with you to discuss home or hospital visits to the sick, marriages, baptisms, Parish membership, special services or spiritual support.

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