It’s Pyrohy (aka Perogie) Time Again! April 5th!

Our Cathedral Auditorium is a busy place come the first Friday of the month! The line up starts before the doors open, some times as early as 3:00pm!

What patience our wonderful patrons have, braving the line out the door and sometimes the cold and rain for a wonderful warm plate of perogies.

Did you know:

On the day of the dinner the preparations start early, 7:00am, with the borscht and cabbage rolls. This small army of six volunteers prepare approximately 700 cabbage rolls.

The next troupe to arrive is the evening crew and they roll in starting around 1:00pm to pack the take out meals and set up the tables. This crew is joined by more volunteers (many who have already worked a full day) just before the dinner starts to finish the food preparation and get the hot meals ready to serve.

Once all our once hungry, now happy patrons have nibbled the last perogy our volunteers sit down for a quick snack (if we have any left over ;)) and a rest before the cleaning up begins. Most evenings this wraps up around

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We have quite an amazing group of volunteers! Aren’t we lucky!

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