Our Parish

Our Congregation

Our congregation is currently made up of approximately 130 members. There are many young families that have children in both Sunday and Ukrainian School. There is a mixture of both Ukrainian and English speaking parishioners, with many new immigrants from the Ukraine who have joined the Parish for the welcoming atmosphere. Those of the Orthodox Faith that do not speak Ukrainian are also welcome to join our services. Service and Prayer books are provided that include English translations to the services.

Our Choir

Our Parish is very fortunate to have a wonderful Choir. We are always looking for new choir members especially Tenors and Basses. We have beautiful spiritual music to sing but we need voices to share it. What a wonderful way to experience and participate in the Divine Liturgy. We have Choir members who do not speak Ukrainian, however they sing services by following transliterations of the hyms and other Church music. Please take some time to read further about our Choir and the Director, Mr. Willi Zwodesky.

Lay Organizations

Over the years, Ukrainian Orthodox lay organizations for women, men and youth have flourished and made enormous contributions to the Parish.  These organizations include the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (UWAC), Lesia Ukrainka Branch, the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association (TYC) and the Ukrainian Orthodox Youth (CYMK).  These organizations have enriched parish life by undertaking major projects, celebrations, anniversaries and other significant events that are a cherished part of our Ukrainian cultural life.  Through these efforts, over the years, our Parish has participated in many local and national celebrations in the Ukrainian community, both religious and secular in nature.

Opportunities for Involvement

Members and adherents of the Parish have many opportunities to become involved in the life of the Parish.  Such volunteer participation is greatly encouraged and much appreciated.  Indeed, our Parish functions through the efforts of our volunteers; their contributions form the basis of our Church organization and community life.

Individuals are welcome to volunteer for the following:

  1. Parish Council/Executive Board
  2. Sunday School instruction
  3. Ukrainian School instruction
  4. Mission and Community Relations Committee
  5. Web site Committee
  6. Maintenance Committee
  7. Cathedral Choir
  8. Catering Events
  9. Food Preparation Activities (pyrohy, cabbage rolls, Easter baking)
  10. Friday Night Suppers (monthly)
  11. Food Preparation for Fellowship/coffee Hour (light snack after the Liturgy)
  12. Various Ad Hoc Committees for social and cultural events
  13. Sisterhood
  14. Altar Boys Program

The Ukrainian Women’s Association, Lesia Ukrainka Branch, also welcomes new members to participate in its programs and activities.

The Parish also supports the BC Ukrainian Orthodox Children’s Summer Camp. Volunteers can also participate in fund raising and other camp-related activities.

Membership Inquiries

If you would like to become a member of our Parish please contact Father Tsaplan or a member of our Executive Board for details and an application form.









Mailing Address: 154 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Z4
604-876-4747  l  Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral